• Short-stay in Dubai

    Dubai is at first a new and modern city that seems devoid of soul. Built on the desert, it has been designed in a very large way, facing the sea and seems to be the playground of the billionaires of the planet. The principle of Dubai is to be a place where anything is possible. Skiing, swimming with dolphins, 4 × 4 in the desert, sleeping in the most starred hotel in the world, having the highest tower, etc. All this designed with a desire for refinement not always equaled. In short, Dubai the city of superlatives, can leave doubtful glitter, luxury, and all that superficial. Make no mistake, however, there is a part of the city that has remained authentic and simple. The old harbor district is home to an old city full of palaces and souks.

    Dubai, new city?

    The first thing we notice in Dubai is the heterogeneity between the different modern towers. There are more than 900, and all different from each other. Do not stop at this aspect a little reductive and not inclined to a visit of the city.

    When to go to Dubai?

    The best is to go in the spring and fall. These are the 2 best seasons to visit Dubai. The temperature is around 30 degrees during these 2 seasons.

    In summer the temperature can exceed 40 degrees, however the city being on the seaside, and the adapted infrastructure, it remains livable.

    The less favorable winter is a visit, with rainfall occurring from December to April.

    What to do in Dubai?

    Dubai can visit quickly. 3 days can largely be enough to discover the essential.

    The city is divided into 6 districts:

    The creek

    The city has developed along Khor Dubai which is a long cove that stretches the city. You will find a mix of tourist boats, fishing and trade that constantly furrow its waters. Even if the city widens with the liking of the constructions, the cove remains the most authentic place.


    It is the historic heart of the city. Head to Baniyas Road, where you'll find the Souks, the Fish Market, and the Heritage House that tells the story of Dubai. Neighborhood very alive, it is here that are all the souks. Remember to visit the spice souk and the gold souk. Deira is worth the detour for those who wish to immerse themselves in the heart of the origins of the dubaiotes. Like its neighbor Bur Dubai, Deira is the neighborhood where you have to let yourself be carried by the different streets to discover wonders that are not mentioned in the guides.

    Bur Dubai

    In his own there are two old quarters, Bastakiya and Shindagha. The Bur Dubai souk is the one that has the most charming wooden arcades set seafront location give it an added attraction. Like the Deira district, this is the neighborhood where it is good to get lost, discovering the oldest buildings in Dubai especially the towers / windmills of Al Fahidi Historic District. It is in this district that you will find tailors able to reproduce in a few days your favorite clothes. For the purchase of fabrics, think about taking a walk in the textile souk.

    Madinat Jumeirah and Jumeirah

    Want Beach and hot water and turquoise? Jumeirah is located along the sea. Whether you want to go to the beach freely, or pamper yourself on a private beach, everything is in Jumeirah. For the private beach, I recommend Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Located near Burj al-arab, the famous and famous tower and its 7-star hotel, you can stay there for the day and enjoy the beach, the pool, and its private shower cabins. If you are in transit in Dubai for 12 hours or more, I recommend going there.

    New Dubai / La Marina

    Located at the end of the city, it is the newest district of Dubai. You'll find the 200 artificial islands "The World" which represents the World Map, the Dubai Marina, the Palm Jumeirah, and the Atlantis The Palm marineland, and its dolphinariums.

    Where to eat ?

    The city is filled with places where you can eat. However, there is 2 or 3 particularity to know.

    The first is that the weekend starts on Thursday night. The work week resumes from Sunday morning. As a result, the dubaiotes brunch Friday. This is also a real institution in Dubai, where every Friday people go for a brunch. Most hotels offer this type of service.

    Then drinking alcohol, even just a glass of wine, is not in the local culture. However, if you want to taste good wines, you can do it in the hotel bars or in trendy restaurants. 

    How to move in Dubai?

    To get around the city, the taxi is the most convenient way. Indeed, the subway is still in full development, and even if it is spread over the length of the city, it is difficult to connect 2 points only by metro.

    The metro is in service from Saturday to Thursday from 6am to 11pm, and from 2pm to midnight on Friday.

    For more information, visit the Dubai Public Transport website

    Or sleep ?

    Dubai is filled with hotels with the most luxurious services one another. So you are spoiled for choice. If you want to have a good time you can go to the Atana hotel Dubai, Situated within the heart of the new Dubai, merely a few minutes by metro to The Dubai Mall.

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