• What does Casablanca mean to you?


    What does Casablanca mean to you? The Spanish translation of "White House", a film with Ingrid Bergmann or the largest city in Morocco?

    A bit of all that. With its three million inhabitants intramural and its four million inhabitants in total for Greater Casablanca, this agglomeration is the most populated of all the Maghreb.

    Even if we come mainly to Casa, as it is affectionately nicknamed, to do business there, it is also a city much appreciated by tourists returning from Indonesia travel, although it does not have the same attractions as Marrakech and Agadir .

    This city, which has developed considerably in the space of a century, has been and remains a real playground for all architects and urban planners, especially French.

    It can boast of being able to offer its visitors an impressive variety of architectural styles from around the world. The heart of the city is oriental because composed of a medina. All around this historic center are the Art Deco District, the Burgundy district, the Hassan II Grand Mosque and the business center.

    Tourists can stroll on the side of the corniche, which is close to the hill of Anfa, the richest district of Casablanca, and enjoy its restaurants and beaches. They will of course be able to shop in the commercial district of Maârif, in particular in the Twin Center, or in the district of Habous where there is a new medina to discover some handicrafts.

    The economic capital is to discover. Absolutely.

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