•  Dubai – A Great Shopping Paradise

    Dubai is one of the most popular shopping capitals of the world. The shopaholics from around the world visit Dubai for shopping, even they route their flight through Dubai for shopping only. For those who are new to Dubai and want to do shopping, stay at Admiral Plaza Hotel Dubai puts you right in the heart of the city in the bustling district of Bur Dubai that is an epicenter for culture, business and tourism, here are few shopping items you would like to buy when you are there:


    The city of Dubai is the paradise for carpet lovers. Most popular ones are fine Persian carpets, Kurdish kilims, colourful Turkish and rough-knotted Bedouin rugs. You will find very fine quality carpets at good prices. Well you have to do some bargaining. There are hundreds and thousands of choices to choose from. You will find wide varieties of good quality carpets in Deira Tower shopping mall in Baniyas Square. Here most of the traders are from Iran.

    Arabian Souvenirs


    Arabian souvenirs are next very popular that visitors buy from here for gifts or for the home. The prices of this souvenir vary widely and present days these come from Oman or India.


    Shopping for gold in Dubai is always a good buy at all times of the year. Dubai is famously known as the “city of gold” for its good quality gold. It sells and imports huge amount of gold. Once you walk around Gold Souk, you will come to know that it indeed deserves this title. It is available in various carats starting from 18, 21, 22 to 24 carats. You will also find very beautiful designs of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and so on. Dubai’s Gold bazaar is well known around the globe for its low prices and best quality gold.


    One can find beautiful khanjars here.  Khanjars are the curved dagger of Islamic countries. Usually the handles of khanjars were made from the horns of rhino but these days handles made of wood are also very common. The general khanjars contains 2 rings in which the belt is attached and its scabbards are beautifully adorned with silver wire. The difficulty of these silver wired-thread patterns determines the cost of the khanjars. However, the Sayidi khanjars consists of 5 rings and are mostly covered n silver sheet with very less or no wire. The costs of these khanjars are determined by its weight and craftsmanship.


    At Dubai Perfume Bazaar, you will find hundreds and thousands of aromas and fragrance attracting you. It takes time to choose the best one for you as the range is so wide. You will find traditional ittars to designer perfumes at the same place. For your information, the Arabic perfumes are very strong and spicy as compare to western perfumes. You can get perfumes in any shopping malls but Dubai Perfume Souk is definitely the best place for perfume shopping.

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  • Is there such a thing as cheap travel? When you talk about traveling, you’re bound to spend huge money especially traveling overseas. It would be best to conduct a research on the country that you plan to visit. Some countries have higher cost of living but there are also those that will not exhaust your pockets. One very good example is India. If you want the cheapest travel to India, you have to determine all your available resources.

    How to Get the Cheapest Travel to India

    India is a good place to visit. It offers a lot of knowledge and history to all its tourists. You can find first-rate artifacts and some excellent goodies that you can take with you. You don’t really need a luxurious hotel stay in India because even if you choose a hotel that offers lower rates, you can still enjoy India’s scents, sights, and dazzling sceneries.

    If an airline ticket is one of your greatest problems, don’t worry. You see, there are cheap tickets that you can get. By saving some money on the airline tickets, you can use it for your expenses while you’re exploring the different tourist spots of the country. It would be best to reserve the tickets at an earlier date so that you can avail of the cheapest airline tickets. The best place to canvas the different prices of airline tickets to India is online. Simply do your task of canvassing and then choose the one with the price you can afford. Remember though that your safety should not be compromised

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  • Enjoy the Bahamas with Adequate Sun Protection

    Crystal clear turquoise waters, endless white sand beaches, perfect temperate weather- a vacation in the Bahamas is heavenly. It is easy to wile away the hours of the day under the hot Bahamas sun, reading a book or sipping a cocktail.

    Unfortunately, your dream vacation to the Bahamas can be less than perfect if you do not take certain precautions while basking in the sun. The islands of the Bahamas have earned their reputation as a popular tourist destinations in large part due to the weather.

    The Bahamas islands have a temperate climate of 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year, and the sun is almost always shining.  To enjoy your trip to the Bahamas to the fullest, it is wise to be aware of the dangers of the sun and protect yourself from its potentially dangerous ultra-violet rays. Short of staying out of the sun completely, the best method of sun protection is to wear sunscreen.

    Dermatologists recommend that you wear a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 8, but an SPF 15 is generally thought to be ideal. Sunscreen should be applied liberally 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and should be reapplied throughout the day. Different skin types will handle the sun s rays in varying degrees.

    Ensure yourself that the SPF protection in your sunscreen will suffice by carefully assessing your skin and its needs. Be aware that the sun s rays are hottest between the hours of 11 am and approximately 3 pm. During this time, it is wise to give your skin some time out of the sun; perhaps you can take refuge under the shady palm trees.

    In addition to sunscreen, you should always wear a hat with a brim wide enough to offer sun protection. Do not forget to sufficiently cover your body with a light-weight cotton long-sleeved shirt when you suspect that your skin has had enough sun.

    Finally, be sure to provide your body with an adequate amount of water. Becoming dehydrated in the hot Bahamas sun can make you very ill and can cost you a day of your vacation. Beware, aside from a nasty sunburn or dehydration, the outcome of over-exposure to the sun can be much worse.

    Skin cancer is very serious and if left untreated can be fatal. Watch for signs of skin cancer on your body, notably, irregular or discolored moles or sores that bleed and do not heal. You should be checking yourself from head to toe and do not forget the top of your head! Sunscreen helps build a barrier against the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays; it not only decreases your chances of sunburn, but also helps safeguard your body from skin cancer. It takes little time and preparation to safely enjoy the wonderful rays of the Bahamas sun!

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  • Taha Resort et Spa: a fantastic 5 star hotel in French Polynesia

    French Polynesia is a dream destination, especially for honeymooners – stunning over-the-water bungalows, turquoise pristine lagoons, breathtaking landscapes and perfect weather. What else one would need? Although I love Bora Bora – the most famous of all islands in French Polynesia -, I have to admit that Taha’a is my favorite: a slice of paradise not yet fully discovered, just as beautiful but feels much more exclusive than its famous neighboring island.

    Taha’a is a small, sweet and seductive island right next to Bora Bora (only a 10 minute flight). The island is a perfect escape for those seeking tranquility and has only one 5 star hotel: Le Taha’a Resort and Spa. The hotel is located on a secluded private motu, a small islet off the main island, and is the only property in French Polynesia to be part of the world renowned Relais and Chateaux hotel collection. I absolutely loved our experience there since the very first minute!

    Also known as the Vanilla Island, Taha’a is an immense natural greenhouse for Tahitian vanilla orchid. You will wake up for pristine waters and a scent of vanilla. Pretty cool, huh? You can even book a private tour to visit the vanilla plantations and see how they are grown and dried, which we did and loved! We brought home lots of natural vanilla beans to cook desserts with and naturally made vanilla powder — it’s amazing to add it to your coffee!

    Hotel grounds & facilities

    The resort’s facilities feature 3 restaurants, spa, tennis court, fitness center, pool, and helipad and a scuba diving shop — all built in traditional Polynesian style and with minimal environmental impact.

    Lounge chairs and hammocks on the beach and next to the pool make for a perfect place to relax and unwind. With only 60 suites and the entire islet to enjoy, you can find your own little piece of paradise on the hotel grounds. At the end of the afternoon, take a stroll to the northwest coast if your room is on the other side to watch the sun set behind the iconic Bora Bora silhouette on the horizon.

    The Food

    We enjoyed the food very much — from a late afternoon lunch in our villa, to breakfast and dinner on the treetop Vanilla restaurant overlooking the lagoon, to a laid back poolside lunch and a refined dinner at the exclusive Ohini Restaurant with limited spots, every meal was delicious. Of course we had to try their Creme Brule, made with fresh vanilla beans grown locally, and it lived up to my expectations!


    Once a week guests have the opportunity to enjoy a true Polynesian evening: amazing buffet dinner with traditional Polynesian dance, music and fire performance!

    Another experience worth having is their incredible private dinner at the beach. It was by far the best night we had on the entire trip. Not only the food was exceptional, but we had a duo playing and singing traditional Polynesian music all to ourselves (I still remember how soft and warm their voices were!), with the sound of the waves in the background – a romantic memory we cherish so much. Worth mentioning that you pay much cheaper than what the resorts in Bora Bora charge and get a lot more – way more intimate and private, romantic live music just for the two of you, and one of the best food and drinks we had in our lives.


    The Room

    The hotel has both over-the-water bungalows and beach villas for families. Our bungalow had a great size and it was absolutely stunning! With a glass panel of the floor and huge floor to ceiling windows in front of the bed, you can see the turquoise waters from anywhere, including from the bathtub. Each villa is positioned to look out to the lagoon in a way that you don’t see other rooms from inside your room and have a lot of privacy!


    But the best part of the room is outside: the beautiful balcony. Oh, those breathtaking views of the azure lagoon and the cool breeze. You can lounge on the sunbeds, jump right at the water for a quick refreshing swim and order room service to enjoy a meal on the table outside under a small gazebo. Not bad!

    Amazing Coral Garden & other activities


    My favorite thing about Tahaa is its coral gardens – I’ve never seen anything like it! And the best thing is that the most beautiful coral garden on the island is located right in front of the hotel, no need to arrange tours or transportation. You basically walk with water on your knees to the right location — the hotel staff will point you there — and drift snorkel amidst an insane amount of (very) colorful fish of all kinds and corals. It’s pretty shallow and you can stand up if you need, but don’t touch any of the corals so you don’t hurt it. We had such a great time taking pictures with the fish – a truly unforgettable experience!

    Other activities include hiking, diving, jeep tours on the main island to visit pearl farms and vanilla plantations, and water activities like kayak, stand up paddle and jet ski on the lagoon! The hotel also arranges a private catamaran boat tour around the island.

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  • Croatia

    Croatia’s weather can be divided in two predominant climates: Continental on inland, with a freezing winter and warm summer, and Mediterranean on the coast, meaning a very hot summer and mild winter. Snow is a rare occurrence anywhere on the coast, but very common on the northern mountains and inland Croatia.

    The best time to visit Croatia’s coast and its islands is between mid-May to mid-October — that’s when the water temperature is good for swimming. As most places in Europe, July and August are the busiest months and prices are much higher because of european traditional holiday schedules. Peak season means expensive accommodation that fills up early, full restaurants and crowded beaches, but it is also when the sea is the bluest and temperatures are the hottest. If you’re looking for party, July and August are also when the coolest parties take place.

    The best months for a more relaxing visit to the Adriatic coast are June and September – warm temperatures not as roasting as peak summer, cheaper accommodation and less crowds.  From October to May the coast can be very quite and it’s important to note that island ferries operate on reduced schedules and lots of establishments shut off for the winter.


    The coast during the off-season can be very enjoyable for urban sightseeing in historic centers like Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik  — and accommodation prices may drop by half.

    Quite the opposite, the interior of Croatia experiences minimal crowds and the lowest prices during summer when even residents go to the coast, leaving the cities less busy than normal. Fall and Spring are great seasons to visit national park areas like the Plitvice Lakes and the River Krka and temperatures are ideal for pleasant hikes, bike rides and dawn-to-dusk sightseeing in cities like Zagreb. Winters are freezing and snow is common, with transportation being disrupted often on the highlands.

    The bottom line is: no matter in what season, Croatia is gorgeous and worth a visit! But if you want to relax at the beach, plan your visit from June to September.

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